Meet our firm



Bridge Europe Consulting’s mission is to help entrepreneurs and managers improve their businesses.  A better business now stands for our aim to help small and medium-sized companies and the people behind them to identify their real needs and to deal with the most important issues, in order to achieve their most relevant objectives.


Our strategic objective is to become one of the top five independent consulting companies in Romania and to develop competences in those areas that are most sought-out by our clients.  We aim to become, over the next two years, one of the most trusted consultancies, widely recognised for both technical expertise and service excellence, and especially for our unique innovative approach to developing businesses.

What and how?

We use innovative tools designed to assist small and medium businesses with realigning themselves to the market place and with growing and developing further.  Our mission is to help our clients understand their business from a new, but solid, perspective and to open up new possibilities for growth, with a refreshed entrepreneurial mind-set.  Our underlying philosophy is that an objective, external assessment is the basis for owners and managers to thoroughly understand their business.  Once understood, in every function and dimension, the company can embark on its road to success.  It could go to the next level of its development, which could be increasing revenues in its existing market, entering or even creating new markets, improving operational performance or delivering products and services in a more effective and efficient manner.

Our innovative tools are designed by a multi-disciplinary team of seasoned managers and business consultants.  The science behind these tools draws upon multi-million- dollars’ worth of business research combined with the prodigious thinking of many classical and contemporary business gurus.

We enhance our internal consulting capabilities with project-based partnerships.  Our partners are highly-motivated professionals who share our standards for excellence and help us deliver integrated solutions.

We walk our talk!  Our consultants are committed to delivering the highest value possible to our clients.  We offer various packages to assist entrepreneurs and managers in growing their businesses, with as little or as much of our involvement as they consider fit.  We do not just make an assessment, we develop a Massive Action Plan (“MAP”) and we help our clients implement it.  We define, together with our client, the success of our mission and we do whatever it takes to get the job done thoroughly.

Core Values


  • keeping our minds open and thinking outside the box in order to creatively maximise our clients’ growth potential
  • placing innovation at the centre of our methodology

Doing right

  • helping businesses focus constantly on economic, social and environmental improvements
  • keeping our promises, living up to our commitments and achieving maximum benefits for our clients


  • looking beyond quick-fixes and staying focused on our clients’ sustainable performance and long-term successes
  • ensuring our clients’ plans are fully implemented, to the smallest detail, while staying focused on the relationship between business strategy and its main pillars


  • being responsive and empathically focused on creating value for our clients
  • meeting the needs of our client-companies, together with the needs of the people behind these businesses


  • daring to speak out in order to remain relevant and to create value for our clients
  • being determined and even pushy, if that is what it takes to help our clients leave their comfort zone and truly engage in seeking excellence