COSTIN CALIN – Senior Consultant


“If you’re looking to start a new-growth business, very often, the most important customers to understand are non-customers.  Because if you figure out why it is they’re not customers, and then bring an innovation that allows them now to become customers, that’s what growth comes from.”  – Clayton Christensen

Costin is a business consultant who truly finds solutions.  He is creative and has the capacity to see things from different angles.  Costin is driven by the belief that we are surrounded by simple, obvious solutions that can dramatically increase our income, power, influence and ultimately our success.  The job of a business consultant is to team-up with his client and discover these solutions together.

Costin has been working with Bridge Europe Consulting since 2006.  He has progressed within our firm from writing business plans and feasibility studies, to heading our EU Funding Department.  He has been involved in the front line with more than 80 companies that required EU funding, thus significantly contributing to the development of many businesses in the most varied sectors, ranging from tourism and services, to manufacturing.

Costin is a pioneer.  He adores new challenges; he is motivated by creating solutions and solving problems for his clients.  He is an early adopter of the latest discoveries.  Costin has an entrepreneurial approach, having established his own internet cafe immediately after finishing high-school, and a night club a few years later.  He has extensive experience in the Romanian and international market, having represented the interests of a number of international trading companies.  During his career, Costin has seen a large variety of businesses, business behaviours and problems, and has continuously expanded his ability to act in unforeseen situations.

Costin has a degree in Business Administration from the Romanian British University, Bucharest.  Nothing is too complicated for him!


  • Company Assessment using the Business Lens Methodology
  • Corporate Transformation & Change using the Business Doctor Solution
  • Project Management, Relationship Management
  • EU Funding
  • Strategic Innovative Thinking and Business Planning


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the Romanian British University, Bucharest & internship in London
  • Founder and manager of 3 companies
  • EUR 30m grants obtained for various projects
  • Helped 80 small & medium-sized companies to expand their businesses
  • 11 years of professional experience