VALERIU LINGURAR – Senior Consultant


“In the new workplace, with its emphasis on flexibility, teams and a strong customer orientation, this crucial set of emotional competencies is becoming increasingly essential for excellence in every job in every part of the world” – Daniel Goleman  

Valeriu is a soft skills person, passionate about understanding human psychology.  He is especially great at facilitating open and fluent conversations between various members of organisations in order to reach the desired outcomes.  His involvement is paramount for achieving the desired culture and working environment in organisations under transformation and change.

Valeriu joined Bridge Europe Consulting in 2008 as an EU Funding specialist, bringing 4 years of EU Funding experience.  He had managed our teams responsible for preparing funding applications for various projects, from soft skills development to large investment projects.  He has worked with micro-enterprises, SMEs and large companies in the most varied industries, including manufacturing, construction, automotive, metals, travel and green energy.  The largest project for which he obtained grant finance is an 80 MW wind farm.

Currently, Valeriu is involved in assisting managers and entrepreneurs grow their businesses.  His experience as a soft skills trainer and his strong interest in the field of coaching and personal development help him understand the psychological and cultural aspects of organisational transformations.  Valeriu is strongly inspired in his work by the ideas of Harvard Professor Daniel Goleman regarding the importance of emotional intelligence and situational leadership.

Outside Bridge Europe Consulting, Valeriu served for a year as leader of one of Noble Manhattan’s Coaching Support Groups.  There he learned from and shared experience with more than 100 top and middle managers, business consultants, trainers and professionals from the fields of life and business coaching.  Events organised by his team featured keynote speakers from Romania, the Netherlands and the UK.


  • Company Assessment using the Business Lens Methodology
  • Corporate Transformation & Change using the Business Doctor Solution
  • Project Management
  • Leadership & Personal Development


  • Master of Arts Degree in Political Science from Central European University Budapest / University of the State of New York
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy
  • Certified trainer since April 2009, developed and delivered soft skills training programmes for SMEs (automotive, manufacturing) and youth organisations (Save the Children, Rotary)
  • Leader of the Noble Manhattan Coaching Support Group in Timisoara (December 2009 to April 2011)
  • 4 years in business consulting
  • 12 years of professional experience