Business Ethics


Our firm’s ethics lie in the fundamental principles that guide our behaviour:

  • We seek to serve only clients whom we are competent to serve and who meet appropriate standards of legitimacy and integrity
  • We respect the confidentiality and privacy of our clients, our people and others with whom we do business.  We comply with applicable laws, regulations and professional standards in order to maintain the appropriate degree of confidentiality and privacy
  • We treat our colleagues, clients, providers, competitors and the community with respect, dignity, fairness and courtesy
  • We provide a safe working environment for our employees
  • We place innovation at the centre of our methodology and endeavours to help our clients
  • We help businesses grow, with a constant focus on economic, social and environmental improvements
  • We keep our promises, living up to our commitments and achieving the maximum benefits possible for our clients
  • We ensure our clients’ plans are fully implemented, to the smallest detail, while staying focused on the relationship between business strategy and its main pillars
  • We are responsive and empathically focused on creating value for our clients
  • We seek to maintain a fruitful relationship with our clients through personal commitments and honest communication.
  • We aim to avoid conflicts of interest

How We Work

We are creative and we like to take the initiative!  We embrace new challenges.  We are motivated by the success of our clients. One of our major objectives is the satisfaction of our clients through high standards of performance and delivery, and constant innovation for our clients.

We bring the best of the firm to each client; we build long-term relationships with clients by listening to their needs, understanding their aspirations and delivering value to help them achieve high performance.

Our consultants are committed to delivering the highest value possible to our clients.  Thus, we offer various packages to assist entrepreneurs and managers in growing their businesses.

We work in flexible teams.  Every team is chosen depending on the project’s requirements and complexity.  We assign a project manager to any assignment to assure real ownership of each project.  Most often, the project manager is a senior consultant. We treat each assignment as if it is our own project.  We are fully committed to all our projects, serving all our clients equally well.

Part of our assignment is to produce massive action for our clients.  We hold our clients accountable for change and progress.  We hold our clients’ hands until they have reached their aims, until they have mastered all the necessary skills within their companies to achieve their final objectives.

We dare to speak out in order to remain relevant and create value for our clients. We are determined and even pushy if this is what it takes to help our clients leave their comfort zone and truly engage in seeking excellence.

We know our business and we do not go beyond our expertise. When facing a problem for which our experts are not trained, we recommend external consultants specialising in that area.

We aim to answer all enquiries within 24 hours or expressly notify the enquirer if more time is required for complex issues.

We work in partnership with consultants who share our high standards of professional excellence.

If you choose to work with us, we form a partnership.  We consider ourselves part of your team.  We value open communication.

We keep all the information and data exchange during our relationship confidential, as is the practice in our field.

Social Responsibility

Bridge Europe Consulting contributes to the improvement of the social environment by investing resources into projects aimed at developing the potential of Romanian young people.

In this regard, our company is constantly working with students and new graduates, enabling them to experience internships within the company.  Bridge Europe Consulting is always open to offering a number of students the opportunity to undertake internships, being a reliable long-term partner for universities interested in providing students with valuable hands-on experience.

Bridge Europe Consulting is constantly working on projects with great social value.  Currently we are involved in “Health beyond words”, an initiative developed in partnership with the “Association for Health and Performance” and the “National Association for Children and Adults with Autism from Romania”.   This project aims to increase the immunity of children with autism through healthy diet and art therapy.