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Bridge Europe Consulting has identified a lack of information for Romanian and Bulgarian students interested in studying abroad and the increased interest of Western universities in attracting Romanian and Bulgarian students.  Thus, we have created Bridge-Study, our own project.

Bridge-Study aims to be the first point of contact for any Romanian or Bulgarian pupil or student who considers studying abroad.  We “bridge” the gap between students from Romania and Bulgaria and universities in Western Europe.  We provide assistance, support and information to anyone interested in studying abroad.  We have partnerships with relevant institutions, such as the British Council, charities supporting students and banks offering student loans.  We have organised presentations in high schools and universities across the country, to increase awareness of our services.  We have created monthly info meetings for students who are interested in studying abroad.

We secured several representation contracts for British universities and colleges.  Subsequently, our role was to promote their interests in our territory, and to attract the best students for these universities.  We participated in student fairs on behalf of these universities, and we organised various marketing activities for them.  We have helped about 50 students to enrol with the universities that we represent.