Edy Spedition – EU Funds for a Complex, Tailor-Made Training Programme for 500 Employees

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Edy Spedition is a company located in West Romania, the leader of the road freight transport market in Romania.  The business challenge was the need for stronger managerial competencies, soft skills and technical skills at all levels of the organisation.

Bridge Europe Consulting designed a complex, tailor-made training programme for the company and prepared the application for funds via POS DRU – Priority Axis 3 “Increasing the adaptability of workers and enterprises”- State Aid Scheme “Financial Aid for career development”.

The training project aimed to train 500 employees to develop professional skills and increase their adaptability.  The program covered areas such as communication, negotiation, customer service, foreign languages, leadership, performance management, financial management, IT competencies and project management.  The total budget is EUR 1.2 million covering a 2-year period.

The Bridge Europe Consulting team worked with the client from the early stages of the project. We were involved in defining the project’s idea and training requirements and selecting the training areas, considering both the eligibility conditions imposed by the financing program and internal needs pre-identified by the client.  Bridge Europe Consulting identified the potential suppliers for the project, drafted terms of reference to adapt the courses delivered to the specific training needs of different target groups, defined benchmarks and training tools for developing an annual customised training plan for the company.

The evaluation resulted in a high score (94 points out of 100).  The project, however, was not implemented.  Our client decided to submit the application file pretty late and the program budget had already been engaged at the time the project evaluation finished.