“It is a well-known fact that lawyers are not amongst the best managers.  And yet, in the majority of cases, from law firms to multinational companies, we see lawyers coordinating office activity from a business standpoint, and not a legal one.  Certainly, you learn much from experience, but we live in a competitive environment, where time is very expensive.  I have tried to compensate for my lack of time and deeper knowledge in management by enlisting the help of experts.  By far, I was most satisfied with the services provided by Bridge Europe Consulting.  In an extremely pleasurable and facile manner I became the beneficiary of a comprehensive report (backed-up by explanations and consulting from Bridge Europe Consulting specialists) that paints a clear and profound image of my company’s challenges and offers a precise strategy for remedying the deficiencies identified and consciously approaching a multitude of aspects, in order to ensure company performance growth.  I thank the Bridge Europe Consulting team and wholeheartedly recommend them to any entrepreneur that wishes for not only a professional x-ray of their own business, but also a creative way to approach it. Congratulations and best of luck.”

(Laurentiu Pachiu – Managing Partner, Pachiu & Associates)

“Business Lens helped me discover my company’s REAL strengths and especially the GREATEST weaknesses. I was amazed to discover that my real problems are not the ones I thought I had. Business Lens was valuable to me because it made me ask myself new questions about my business. Thus, I managed to identify the blind spots and to create breakthroughs for my business. The entrepreneurs and managers should use Business Lens to discover and visualise the naked truth about their business. It is only after one knows his REAL situation and his real problems, that one can start fixing them”.

(Sergiu Diaconu – Owner, The Bankers)

“Investing a bit of time into answering all the questions, I received a customized report that showed, to my surprise, what the real problems are in my business. It was a completely new experience for me, not having tried something like this before. I’ve read all the recommendations I received  and I was pleasantly impressed to discover new approaches, information and important details, easy to apply and with immediate results, that I am very curious to implement.”

(Dragos Untaru – Administrator, SC Richter Construct SRL)

“I now realize I was needlessly pushing my sales people to do cold calls, because nobody buys like that. I need an intense marketing activity that will prepare my prospects to become my clients. And my sales team needs to contact ONLY those prospects are are already warming up. I was pointlessly wasting resources that, I now realize, had no way of producing results.”

(Mihai Iancu – Administrator, Rezolv IT)

“Petrom SA has been cooperating with Bridge Europe Consulting since year 2006. Bridge Europe Consulting delivered us recruitment services. They have always been a reliable and flexible business partner. All Bridge Europe Consulting consultants proved themselves to be real professionals. We recommend Bridge Europe Consulting as an excellent business partner, a company with very high professional standards and high quality of services.”

(Simona Anghel – Outplacement and Reorganisation Manager, PETROM SA, Member of the OMV GROUP)

“Bridge Europe Consulting experts are both theoretically and practically well trained, they know the latest information from the field and they are always able to give their clients an alternative. Although, after unsuccessful collaboration with other consultancies, we became sceptical regarding this kind of services and non-reimbursable funds, we have realised that a professional consultancy can really bring value to the client. We highly recommend the company Bridge Europe Consulting. Excellent is the word that best describes the services delivered by Bridge Europe Consulting from our point of view.”

(Gheorghe Badea – President of the Board of Directors, S.C. Subansamble Auto S.A. Pitesti)

“Previous experience and success in the evaluation and implementation of projects have determined us to choose once again Bridge Europe Consulting as a partner for our project. As during previous collaborations, the team has proved professionalism, attention to details and understanding of company’s needs and of the project, trying to offer all their support during the project. Furthermore, the quality of the project has made things easier in obtaining funds and implementing the project.”

(Petru Harnagea – Owner, Expo Professional SRL)


“We have used the services of Bridge Europe Consulting on two separate occasions to prepare Business Plans to be used for fund raising by our clients. They completed these assignments successfully by producing documents of high standard required by International Banks. We have been impressed by the degree of professionalism applied to these assignments and as a result will have no hesitation in recommending their services”.

(Bahman Jahanshahi – Chief Executive, EMG Finance Ltd.)


“We have engaged Bridge Europe Consulting to help us obtain non reimbursable funds for the project “Extending the production capacity by purchasing high technology equipment”, a total investment of EUR 15 million. Bridge Europe Consulting drafted all the documentation required and submitted our application. We obtained the maximum possible funding, RON 20 million (EUR 4.5 million). We collaborated very well with Bridge Europe Consulting. They were prompt and responsive. They are a trustworthy company and they delivered according to our expectations”.

(Roland Racasan – General Director, Cogeme Set)


„We mandated Bridge Europe Consulting to raise funding for a wind farm project. Even though the competition was tough, we have been successful in obtaining the funding requested, i.e EUR 18 Million grant (the maximum possible), for a project of total investment of euro 47 million (30MW capacity). Provider Green is currently implementing the project, with the support of Bridge Europe Consulting. We are confident that we will successfully manage the project with the assistance of our long-term consultant. Bridge Europe Consulting responded promptly and proactively to all the challenges faced and always delivered above our expectations. I warmly recommend Bridge Europe Consulting to all companies aiming to develop their business.”

(Saracin Razvan – Shareholder, Provider Green SRL)


“Bridge Europe Consulting assisted us in every step of the business development and project management process for opening a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) chain store in Romania. Bridge Europe Consulting’s team showed commitment, creativity and dedication throughout our entire partnership. We strongly recommend Bridge Europe Consulting’s services to any company about to set-up and develop business in Romania.”

(Marius Hondrea – General Manager, Brithouse)


“I have been impressed with the speed of delivery, professional approach and uncompromising attention to detail demonstrated by Bridge Europe Consulting’s team. I have been more than happy with the sourcing solutions so far and anticipate utilising Bridge Europe Consulting’s services again.”

(Geoff Alexander – Director, GWA Marketing Solutions)


“All the services provided were valuable and of highest professional standard. It was evident that Ms Giusca has excellent knowledge of local environment…”

(Michal Vetrovsky – Member of Management Board, CENTRAL EUROPEAN FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT, a.s. and director of Bank Gutmann AG)


“We have been very pleased with the manner all the issues were dealt with, with the quality of the candidates’ evaluation reports, and especially with the reference reports that they have submitted to us. I would clearly recommend Bridge Europe Consulting’s services to other British companies interested in Romania.”

(Gavin Bradley – Managing Director, Odessa Property Investment Ltd)


“After various meetings with several consulting firms, we chose Bridge Europe Consulting. They just inspired confidence to us. The project has been successful and has been financed with a EUR 5 mil grant non-reimbursable funds. Thus, we have been recommending Bridge Europe Consulting to our clients who are interested in obtaining funds for their investment projects in Romania. To this date, all are satisfied with the services and interaction with Bridge Europe Consulting and we may highly recommend such consulting company, without any reservations.”

(Delia Vasiliu – Partner, Pachiu & Associates)


“We evaluate our collaboration with Bridge Europe Consulting as excellent, appreciating especially the strong engagement shown by its consultants both in the technical execution and in the relationship with our company. We consider Bridge Europe a trustworthy supplier and an authentic partner, capable to deliver excellent results in a timely manner. That is why we recommend Bridge Europe Consulting.”

(Mirela Cretu – HR Business Partner, Edy Group)


“Bridge Europe Consulting provided their expertise, linked with a highly professional and friendly client service. We have always found the team assigned to our company to be helpful and they have always dealt with our queries and feedback in the most professional and timely manner. We would strongly recommend Bridge Europe Consulting to anyone that contemplates assistance in drafting financial documents.”

(I. Dumitru – Administrator, MetalTrans SRL Galati)


“We have commissioned Bridge Europe Consulting to draft a business plan and to develop a financial model for a chain of boutique hotels across Romania. The firm has delivered at highest professional standards. Bridge Europe Consulting team are professional, committed and dynamic, a winning combination. I confidently recommend Bridge Europe Consulting for consulting services.”

(Traian Sandu – President, Dunarea SA)


“Efficient communication, orientation to results, involvement, promptness and quality – are the main characteristics that describe the consultants of Bridge Europe Consulting. The documents delivered by them met high quality standards and our project obtained a EUR 200,000 grant (maximum possible). I recommend the services provided by Bridge Europe Consulting to companies who focus on quality and are interested in obtaining non-reimbursable funds.”

(Cosmin Costache – Owner, EurozoneCom SRL)


“SC Prodinf SRL started preparing the documentation for obtaining funds in order to implement an ERP solution in collaboration with a consultant who didn’t finish the documentation although he had been paid before. In the last minute, Bridge Europe Consulting has taken the responsibility of the project and they have written the financing file in only three days and in a high quality manner, even better than we have expected. For us, the Bridge Europe Consulting team was the solution to escape from a critical situation. They helped us when we needed the most in order to submit the project and we want to thank them by this reference.”

(Constantin Arsene – Owner, Prodinf SRL)


“The team of Bridge Europe Consulting has proven professionalism, responsibility and attention to details, by offering support for every problem appeared during our collaboration. Taking into account our experience with Bridge Europe Consulting, we recommend the company for its services described by quality, strictness and responsibility, which are necessary for every company that needs support for new projects development.”

(Codrin Laslo – Shareholder, Axdrom SRL)