“Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

We help our clients do things differently and do different things, to obtain better results!

Bridge Europe Consulting provides intelligent solutions to basic and complicated business challenges.  We use innovative consulting tools developed by a group of experienced international consultants. Our company has a complex understanding of the way in which business is conducted, based upon practical knowledge of the global and local market conditions.

We rely on our diverse hands-on experience of working with hundreds of companies, especially SMEs.  We developed strong competences in using state of the art tools for business assessment and development.  These qualities place our company in an ideal position to be the preferred business partner for our clients.

Bridge Europe Consulting has developed its own consulting tools for:

  • assessing critical aspects of any business by investigating the most important 16 business functions and dimensions
  • performing “business X-rays” and identifying the soft spots and growth enablers for any type of company within any industry or geography
  • identifying the main business traits and the main drives of the key persons in any business
  • finding solutions for dealing with challenging situations, especially to growing the business
  • valuing a company (monetary value)
  • quickly assessing whether or not a company can have access to capital

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