Business Doctor


Business Doctor - Business Solution for Developing Companies

Business Doctor is an innovative consulting solution which aims to unleash or accelerate business growth by identifying and capitalizing on those areas with massive growth potential. Business Doctor is a 3-step solution:

  • Assessment of your company, using Business Lens, a cutting edge business assessment tool which covers 15 business Functions and Dimensions.
  • MAP (Massive Action Plan) draw-up, customized to your business, using as starting points those areas that are sensitive / with significant growth potential, as identified via diagnosis.
  • Assistance in MAP implementation, carried on by Bridge Europe Consulting experts

Starting from a detailed company assessment, and proposing massive growth strategies, Business Doctor overcomes the limitations specific to classic business plans.

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Business Doctor consists of a threefold approach:

Business Lens is an online organizational diagnosis tool that allows for exhaustive, focused assessments. Covering 15 functions and dimensions in your business, Business Lens is meant to discover soft spots and growth enablers in your business. We call this present-day x-ray of your company “The Naked Truth” about your business.

Business Lens generates a diagnosis report based on 621 multiple-choice questions. The Business Lens report visually displays, in an intuitive comparative perspective, the unused potential of your business. The report includes 15 business functions and dimensions, including Strategy, Innovation, Leadership, Superstar Organization, Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, Motivation, Support systems, Follow-up, Organizational Culture.

The Business Lens Report guides you in making an informed decision regarding priorities. You can use this diagnosis as a one-off x-ray of your business’ health, or as a periodic monitoring system. The Business Lens assessment can be used as the basis of complex company transformation programs, as a specialized early-warning tool or as an informed starting point for gradual optimizations.

Companies that have already carried out a rigorous organizational diagnosis (with independent expertise or internal resources) can opt for the integral use of the assessment or for the selective use of those Business Lens modules most relevant for the company’s situation.

Price: EUR 2,997

Business Doctor can be a simple or a complex consulting solution, depending on teh Diagnosis results. After the assessment, we will assist in meeting objectives, becoming as involved as you deem necessary and opportune. This stage consists of two phases:

Phase 1: Growth strategies

Growth strategies help you find viable ways to massively grow your business by identifying viable development directions and through pinpoint custom recommendations based on diagnosis results Recommendations are issued from the perspective of general principles regarding business excellence and best practices in business and management.

The identified growth directions currently represent soft spots in your business. Soft spots should, at the same time, be viewed as potential growth factors. Working towards improving these elements, you can considerably grow, both personally, as a businessman, and the company that you run, without requiring many resources or high efforts.

The price of this service: 2,997 EUR

Phase 2: Massive Action Plan

The Massive Action Plan (MAP) is the plan through which your company goes from its current status to the level that owners and managers desire. Based on the needs identified in phase 1, we become involved in defining you company’s strategy and objectives.

In this phase we plan, together with your team, the implementation of recommendations issued in Phase 1. We shall assist you in setting S.M.A.R.T objectives (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) and dissect everything to the tiniest of tasks. You will identify actions that facilitate each objective set and you will assign clear responsibilities with feasible deadlines.

The Massive Action Plan is based on a sure-fire method of reaching set objectives and of implementing tactics meant to propel your company on the road to success.

The price of this service: 1,997 EUR

In this stage, your company puts into practice all actions and tactics included in the MAP. Some actions can be carried out with internal resources, whilst others will be externalized to experts in different fields. Our commitment to your company, in this phase, involves working together and getting involved as if it were our own project. We are part of your team, wholly dedicated to getting the best results possible.

Depending on the necessary expertise, we will involve consultants from our own team or enlist the help of independent experts. In the latter case, we will assist you in identifying the best specialists for implementing the action plan.

Our fees for this stage can be negotiated based on an hourly or daily fee, or as a fee for each sub-project. Our pricing policy is flexible, in order to accommodate all our clients’ needs. The client can opt for a more ambitious project or a less complex one, and our prices will scale accordingly. Costs are influenced by a variety of factors, and will be discussed with each client individually.