Grants / EU Funding


We have been present on the Romanian EU Funding market since its inception, when Romania joined the EU, in 2007.  We have acquired solid experience in helping private companies obtain grants (non-reimbursable funds) from the European Union and from Romanian Governmental Agencies.  We are most active in investment projects for private companies.

Our clients are microenterprises, SMEs and large enterprises from various sectors and industries.  The main focus is on green energy, automotive, manufacturing and tourism.  We are also involved in several construction and fishery projects.

We have gained significant experience in all Operational Programs in Romania.  We are primarily implementing projects under the following programs, especially within lines dedicated to private organisations:

  • Sectorial Operational Programme Increase of Economic Competitiveness
  • The National Programme for Rural Developments
  • The Regional Operational Programme

We provide complete integrated solutions for our clients, assuming responsibility for all phases of the process, from preliminary approval of funding to complete reimbursement of all eligible project-related expenses.

Our services include:

  • Identifying the relevant financing programs and making recommendation towards choosing the right program
  • Assistance in project development
  • Drafting documentation (Feasibility Study, Business Plan, Application, Financial Model, Financial Analysis, whichever is required )
  • Creating the optimal financing structure
  • Writing the application form and compiling the application file
  • Assistance during the evaluation phase
  • Project Management and assistance in project implementation (progress reports, reimbursement applications, assistance and supervision in the procurement process, liaising with authorities and stakeholder entities, supervision of the progress and timeliness of project activities)

Bridge Europe Consulting has been selected as EU Funding partner by several Romanian banks, such as the Romanian Commercial Bank (BCR), part of Erste Group, ING Bank, Bancpost, the Romanian Bank for Development (BRD), Credit Europe Bank, as well as by the National Guarantee Fund for SME Loans.

Starting with 2012 the focus of our EU Funding Department has enlarged to include Technical Assistance and European Cooperation.  In this context, Bridge Europe Consulting implements its own projects as a partner within national and international consortia or as a lead partner / main applicant.  We use our extensive expertise to develop new European projects.   The objective is to improve policies and to develop businesses and support services in Romania and Europe.  Our strategic focus is on:

  • Promoting the development of Romanian and European SMEs
  • Entrepreneurship education and development
  • E-business for SMEs
  • Green Energy
  • Innovation
  • Travel and accommodation industry.


Pentru proiectele de finantare nerambursabila, partenerii nostri sunt Kelso, pe care ii recomandam cu toata deschiderea.